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A selfie of an artist amid a day job, an e-store, and bots

Lila Marquez

And a blog, too! I cringe at the thought of having to balance between life as I know it and life as I imagined it to be. But there's barely a thin line between imagination and reality. Oftentimes, you jolt out of your reveries at a dog's bark to find your actual place in this world. Well, frequently at this time and age, you locate yourself with a little help from Google map.   Selfie with a day job I am aware that there are artists who keep their "day jobs" as visual artists, which is admirable, hence, as some would say, I'd...

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The day I drew the line

Lila Marquez

I was 6 years old. Maybe younger. My favorite medium back then was that famous pencil I used to call "the yellow stick", and my canvas, the walls of our house. When my mother enrolled me in prep school, I found out that the best part of the entrance test was grabbing a coloring book so I could trace the lines of the objects on every page. I opted not to fill them up with colors first because I thought that was the right thing to do. I was told later on that I didn't have to, but because I...

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