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I drew the lines: Lines of Lila No. 7, a Yuli series  

Lines of Lila features a feather in the Yuli Series, a majestic persona who is a frequent visitor to Lila's kitchen window. 

Feature Story: Lines of Lila No. 9

A feature on Lines of Lila No. 9, a watercolor painting depicting the heart's temperaments. The newsletter also features a short clip of the linist at work, capturing the highlights of the making of the art piece. 

Feature Story: A selfie of an artist

Excerpt: Learning how to tinker with e-commerce and seeing what the interwebz are up to, I left my gloomy cave behind and took a peek. 

It's your turn to break the line

Watch a slideshow of Lines of Lila's art gallery collections crafted by your very own line breaker, Lila Marquez. The artist also gives you the chance to break the line. 

Tutorial: How to break the line

Featuring a quick video tutorial on how to break the line plus a quick look on Lines of Lila gallery's make-over.

The people have spoken: Fans Picks 2016

A roundup of the most viewed Lines of Lila artworks for 2016, this issue features three artworks that made it to the top list as based on analytics reports, as well as social media engagement and shares.

Lines of Lila's New Year Freebies

A collection of free downloadable 2017 calendars featuring the linist's personal favorite artworks. The calendars are suitable for desktop and mobile display.

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Lines of Lila Newsletter: How to break the line Lines of Lila Newsletter: It's your turn to break the line





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