Back on board with new artworks

Since I’m back to painting and catching up on other stuff, I’m also all hyped at getting back to my advocacy. These new untitled artworks will be some of my entries to the upcoming exhibit of The Art of Compassion Project, a vegan artists collective, at the upcoming VegFestUK online art auction in August.

I love this artists collective so much because of its staunch dedication to promoting veganism through creativity. Through my contribution, I hope I’d be able to help, in little ways, spread the message of nonviolence and animal emancipation.

Sketches and Scribbles II

Lines of Lila-Sketches and Scribbles 2-Featured

Breaking away from my daily mundane tasks always calls for a bite of chocolate…and awkward conversations with the kitties and pup…and crayons. I was lucky enough to have found a second to lay away some jittery lines on my notebook this morning before I could even bear the brunt of modern living. My notebook usually comes in handy every time I needed a pillow, by the way, so, I put aside all the day’s nonsense and headed toward my quiet corner.  Keep on reading>>

Sketches and Scribbles I

Lines of Lila-Sketches and Scribbles 1-Featured

Sometimes, while you’re trying to outsmart time behind your work desk, you meet with your thoughts and ask questions you dare not ask your kitties. Then you try to find a way to impart that conversation to any surface you can find. And when you do find it, the universe simply opens up its doors to usher you in. Keep on reading>>

The day I drew the line

Lines of Lila-Line break

I was 6 years old. Maybe younger. My favorite medium back then was that famous pencil I used to call “the yellow stick”, and my canvas, the walls of our house. When my mother enrolled me in prep school, I found out that the best part of the entrance test was grabbing a coloring book so I could trace the lines of the objects on every page. Keep on reading>>